Mutuelle des Motards (Mutual Health Insurance for Bikers)

The stakes

AMDM was seeking to improve its customer relations in order to retain its existing portfolio, attract new customers, increase unit purchase volumes and deploy a new offer with higher added value. To do this, it needed to move from a traditional distribution model (physical branches located in the city receiving customers) to an omni-channel model combining physical contact, the telephone and a new web-platform. It had to do this quickly, as it was lagging behind its most dangerous competitors.

The stakes were commercial, economic, technical and organizational. They were also social because the working methods of dedicated employees who were often locked into habits needed to be transformed. This was not a restructuring plan but a transformation project.

Scope of intervention

  • The commercial management of AMDM
  • The Individual branch network, around 40 branches throughout France
  • The company’s cross-functional Management Committee
  • Strategic reflection
  • Support for implementation
  • Individualized coaching of the sales manager and his assistant


  • Creation of a concept for a new distribution model
  • Change management workshops with each member of the Management Committee and business entities
  • Definition and implementation of a deployment plan for the entire scope
  • Implementation of project KPIs (Number of items completed, people trained, number of Non-Conformities opened, processing time…)
  • Communication for General Management and operational teams

Results achieved

  • A completely new distribution model understood and accepted by all stakeholders
  • Deployment and training plan completed on schedule
  • Growth in the customer portfolio
  • Increase in the number of incoming contacts
  • Increase in the conversion rate
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