37.5, like the ideal temperature of
the human body

For too long, companies have focused on one area of their development while neglecting the others. It may be growth, or taking market share and therefore seeking customers, it may be profit to satisfy shareholders who want maximum profitability, or it may be the obligation to “do the social thing” for reasons of legal constraints or internal or external pressures.

37.5, like the ideal temperature of the human body, wishes to propose to businesses that they reach a balance where customers, shareholders and employees benefit together from the evolution of markets and progress in general.


Every day, the men and women of 37.5 pool their expertise, with all the freedom and agility that comes with their experience, to come up with the right solutions that improve our customers’ performance.

... with accuracy

The right solutions, because we are committed to implementing them by your side in every detail, passing on our knowledge and helping you to make it your own.

Our values.

We chose each other at 37.5. Our backgrounds and experiences are varied, but our ambition is the same: to offer our customers what we believe in deeply, and to continue to learn again and again to continue our journey together.

We do what we love and what we know. Our recommendations are not made to please, but to make a difference. We like boldness and “out of the box” thinking. We are free thinkers.

Just like a living body, our system is learning, adaptable and use a variable geometry. We are driven by enthusiasm and fun. Our ecosystem is virtuous because it is constantly changing and constantly seeking innovation.

Our accumulated experience is the strength and solidity of our thought. A true collective intelligence, built on operational and varied professional backgrounds, before becoming transmitters of knowledge.

Fairness, participation of each individual in growth, respect, consultation, complicity, common good… Our organization is based on the collective: an applied “Living Lab”. Our community is open and conversational, as much for clients and partners as for consultants

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