37.5 sets up business in Belgium

Our family of experts is expanding beyond borders.In order to better support our clients in the execution of their strategy…

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Earthship Sisters

Earthship Sisters

Earthship Sisters is an innovative, positive and ambitious initiative created in 2018 by Deborah Pardo and Nathalie Ille. Each year,…

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Club Open Innovation Auvergne

37.5 event: Open Innovation in Auvergne

37.5 event: Open Innovation in AuvergneOn Thursday January 23rd, 2020, the 37.5 consultancy welcomed the Auvergne Open Innovation Club for…

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The monkey, the prostitute and generation Y

Five chimps are in a big cage. At the top of the cage hangs a banana, which can be reached…

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Big data

Big Data, Machine Learning: how to make the most of your data

Not a day goes by without hearing or reading an economic report in which the magic word is pronounced: "Data!"…

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robot advisor

I don’t understand your question…

Robot-advisor, the new banking advisor: what about humanized customer relations in all this? For the past 18 months, the customer…

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gestion de crise

Business turnaround and crisis management: what is the right method?

In an environment where customer needs and market conditions are constantly changing, any apparently solid business is potentially destined to…

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Transformation digitale

Digitization of IS

Here isn't a firm that doesn't showcase its expertise ... to accompany the digital transformation of companies. And 37.5 is…

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