Transformation digitale

Digitization of IS

Here isn’t a firm that doesn’t showcase its expertise

… to accompany the digital transformation of companies. And 37.5 is one of them.

However, the question arose as to the choice of the word “transformation” versus “evolution”. The real question is “should we be afraid of digital change” and “can change scare my customers?” Because a company is constantly evolving, in its processes, its choice of products and services, the way it communicates with its customers, its content and form, its choice of suppliers…and even if its managers do not seek change, their ecosystem does it for them. So the notion of evolution is intimately associated with the life of a company, whatever its field of activity. And it is one of the key success factors for its growth.

How do you communicate to your clients about what is happening?

One bank has currently chosen an amusing radio message of the type: “a digital and above all human bank”. To put it plainly, I’m setting up digital tools but don’t worry, I’m keeping employees to talk to you…Is that reassuring? No, it’s rather worrying about this bank’s ability to assume its choices to transform itself. Is this message more aimed at its employees? Maybe, but then what confidence can they have in their company’s strategy?

No digital transformation without making sense

A company must assume its choices internally and externally or risk the failure of its transformation. “Digital” is only a means, not an end, which most often mixes IS, marketing and data science resources. And it is not the arrival of a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) in a group that will provide 100% of the solution, nor even the acquisition of a start-up. And it’s even more delicate in the VSE-SMEs where this mission is the responsibility of either the CIO or the marketing manager in addition to their other tasks…

Because this search for digital technology to optimize one’s business obviously has a more or less profound impact on the working habits of all employees, and without support, it can prove to be a resounding failure.

This paradigm shift between finding ways to produce at lower cost versus value creation must be explained and shared by all employees to make it a success. At 37.5 we believe that… Let’s talk about it!


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