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Airbus Helicopters


As part of a drive to optimize the company’s processes, Airbus Helicopters decided to carry out a complete overhaul of the management of “Non-Conformities” in its production line. A dedicated project committee was set up to define and deploy new processes and design a specific management tool. The purpose of 37.5’s intervention was to support this transformation in the different Business Units.

Airbus Helicopters 1


  • Definition of the new processes to be deployed
  • Facilitation of working groups
  • Support for the transformation of old processes
  • Leadership of internal Project Managers (+10)
  • Level 1 tool support for internal teams
  • Participation on the Project Executive Committee


  • Implementation of the 2019 planned workload (63 BUs)
  • Implementation of project KPIs (Number of items completed, people trained, number of non-conformities opened, processing time…)
  • Definition of a skills matrix for project managers
  • Communication for BU management and operational teams (+10)

Results Achieved

  • Business Analysis of the project plan / Identification of risks and improvement plans
  • Leadership of the 10 project managers
  • Integration of the new process and tool for more than 200 people
  • Realization of project presentation and synthesis (KPIs, alerts, action plan)
  • Process and tool support and assistance

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